You obtain Snowflakes with every summon you do within the valid period of time, they accumulate and can be exchanged later for rewards.

Starting on 01.23 PST, you can check your total accumulated Snowflakes in-game in Palmple Notice.



Acquisition Rate

01.16 - 01.22 

11:59 PM PST

1.23 00:00 AM - 01.28 PST

(before maintenance)   

Premium Summon


Snowflake X 60

Snowflake X 40

Premium Summon

(300 Gold)

Snowflake X 180 Snowflake X 120
7+1 Premium Summon Snowflake X 1200 Snowflake X 800
Event Summon Snowflake X 1500 Snowflake X 1000


Snowflake x 1,000 Snowflake x 2,000 Snowflake x 2,000

Health Potion thumb

Health Potion x10

Revive Potion thumb

Revive Potion x10

Party Potion thumb

Party Potion x10

Snowflake x 2,500 Snowflake x 2,500 Snowflake x 2,500

Special Skill Card5 thumb

Rank 5 Special Skill Card x1

Special Silver Card5 thumb

Rank 5 Special Silver Card x1

Special EXP Card5 thumb

Rank 5 Special EXP Card x1

Snowflake x 3,000  Snowflake x 5,000 Snowflake x 15,000

Special Point Card5 thumb

Rank 5 Special Points Card x1

Light Potion thumb

Light Potion x10

Special Upgrade Card thumb

Special Upgrade Card x1

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