Winter Queen Danu

Ow.png Winter Queen Danu
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"If you treat a woman without respect, she'll turn as cold as an ice queen. When that happens, all the shattered ice pieces will shoot at you."
Obtained From: Season 7 Raid Ranking

Originated from the queen of winter. The name, Danu, comes from the combined words of "da," which means a god, and "anu," which means a mother. Thus, Danu means a mother god. She gave birth to Brigid, her daughter, along with the morning sun. There is a story that an altar of flame spurted up at the moment of birth, reached the sky, and caused the death of Danu by burning her in the flame. Is that why she doesn't like fire? But isn

Leader Bonus
Unique.png DP +500, HP recovered 5% to all Otherworldly cards
Fixed Options
AP +17%, skill activation +3%
AP +8%, HP +15%
Otherworldly Dagger.png Otherworldly Dagger [2]
DP +1200
Set Effect: HP +10%
Set: Celestial Dagger [2] + Underworld Dagger [2]
Death of Star.png Death of Star
[6%] No. of dead devils in your party x 6000 damage to all opponents
Level 1 Level 40
Unique.png 5735 - 12260 23730 12365 - 25130 49860
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