Devil Maker: Tokyo Wiki

You can attempt to transfer one of the skills from a victim devil card to the base devil card with a certain probability of success. The Skill Transfer may either succeed or fail depending on the probability.

If you cancel, Silver will be consumed but the victim card will not disappear. When using Skill Transfer, your base card has a chance of acquiring a unique skill, Absolute Zero.

If you use a Transfer Potion, the chance of Skill Transfer is 100% and all skills will be unlocked regardless of the card's level. The victim card won't be destroyed and skills will swap instead.

To transfer a skill, you will need the following:

  • A Base Card: this is the card that will have the final skill.
  • A Victim Card: this is the card where the skill comes from, this card no longer needs to be leveled for you to see its skills.
  • A Transfer Potion (optional): these can be purchased in the store or obtained from various quest rewards, if you want to use its features.

How to transfer:

Go to the Shrine Menu to the right of the main screen and tap on Upgrade.

From the Upgrade menu tap on the Transfer tab. Select your Base Card.


Next, choose your Victim Card. If you want to use a Transfer Potion, tap on the Transfer Potion icon.

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The game will ask you to confirm using the potion. Once you tap OK on this screen, you will consume the potion even if you don't complete the transfer.

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Notice how the potion count decreases to 0 after revealing the skills on Moloch.

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Select the skill you wish to transfer. Tap OK to complete the Transfer Potion skill transfer with 100% success rate. Remember that transferring the skill from the victim card sacrifices that card if you didn't use the potion.

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