Uw Story of Snow White


"Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful? You, the Queen!"
"Stepmother...Please stop talking to yourself..."
"Wow! They are both beautiful to me!"
Obtained From: Mini Album Reward

A card awarded for collecting the album of Snow White! Snow White, Prince Kevin, and The Mirror Queen look happy together. But...on second thought...the prince looks too greasy.

Leader Bonus
HP reduced 4000 to all enemies
Party Bonus
New World Soa thumb SoSW thumb
AP +3000, Critical chance +30% to corresponding devil
Fairy Tale World Soa thumb SoSW thumb SoR thumb SoG thumb SoLM thumb SoC thumb
AP +6%, DP +600, HP +6% recovered to entire party
Fixed Options
AP increased 1500, skill activation increased 4%
AP increased 14%, HP increased 9%
Damage from opponent decreased 15%
Snow White's Memory Snow White's Memory [0]
AP increased 8%
Set Effect: AP increased 5%, DP increased 600
Set: Alice's Memory [0]
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