Story of Mermaid

Ow.png Story of Mermaid
"I...want to be human."
"Don't trust humans!"
"I will be really nice to you. Trust me, the handsome guy!"
Obtained From: Mini Album Reward

A card awarded for completing the album of The Little Mermaid! The Little Mermaid, Prince Eric, and The Sea Witch look happy together in this card. Oh, the Witch's eyes are creepy, but she is quite charming.

Leader Bonus
Unique.png AP +20% to Leader card
Party Bonus
Party Time! SoLM thumb.png SoC thumb.png
AP +2500, Skill activation +6% to corresponding devil
Fairy Tale World Soa thumb.png SoSW thumb.png SoR thumb.png
SoG thumb.png SoLM thumb.png SoC thumb.png
AP +6%, DP +600, HP +6% recovered to entire party
Fixed Options
AP increased 900, HP increased 2800
AP increased 13%, skill activation increased 5%
Opponent's normal attack damage reflected 80%
Mermaid's Memory.png Mermaid's Memory [0]
Skill activation increased 4%
Set Effect: Skill damage increased 15%
Set: Cinderella's Memory [0]
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