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Ce.png Story of Gerda


"Kai...Kai...Are you ok now?"
"Who are you! I have never seen such an ugly girl like you in my life!"
"Kai, try solving the problem called eternity."
Obtained From: Mini Album Reward

A card awarded for collecting the album of Gerda! Gerda, Kai, and The Snow Queen look happy together in this card. Umm... just remembered. The troll who dropped the devil's mirror...He ruined everything.

Leader Bonus
DP +800, HP +2500 recovered to all Celestial attribute party cards
Party Bonus
Handsome Couple SoR thumb.png SoG thumb.png
DP +1200, HP +6% recovered to all Celestial attribute party cards
Fairy Tale World Soa thumb.png SoSW thumb.png SoR thumb.png
SoG thumb.png SoLM thumb.png SoC thumb.png
AP +6%, DP +600, HP +6% recovered to entire party
Fixed Options
DP increased 520, skill activation increased 5%
AP increased 8%, DP increased 600
[100%] HP recovered 2000 when attacking
Gerda's Memory.png Gerda's Memory [0]
HP increased 2600
Set Effect: HP increased 9%
Set: Rapunzel's Memory [0]