Ow Story of Cinderella


"This pair of glass slippers...Whom do they belong to...?"
"Th...Those are my glass slippers...!"
"Cinderella! Where did you get the money for these glass slippers?"
Obtained From: Mini Album Reward

A card awarded for collecting the album of Cinderella! Cinderella, Prince Charming, and The Evil Stepmother look happy together. Wow. Seriously, they look great together...

Leader Bonus
Skill activation +6% to all Otherworldly attribute party cards
Party Bonus
Party Time! SoLM thumb SoC thumb
AP +2500, Skill activation +6% to corresponding devil
Fairy Tale World Soa thumb SoSW thumb SoR thumb
SoG thumb SoLM thumb SoC thumb
AP +6%, DP +600, HP +6% recovered to entire party
Fixed Options
AP increased 8%, HP increased 15%
AP increased 1300, skill activation increased 5%
30% damage reflected to all enemies when HP is less than 50%
Cinderella's Memory Cinderella's Memory [0]
AP icreased 1700
Set Effect: Skill damage increased 15%
Set: Mermaid's Memory [0]
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