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Uw.png Story of Alice


"White Rabbit! Give me the pie now!"
"Here, take it!"
"Which part is going to get big this time?"
Obtained From: Mini Album Reward

A card awarded for collecting the album of Alice in Wonderland! Alice, White Rabbit, and The Queen of Hearts look happy together in this card. Haha, it's good to see you all together.

Leader Bonus
Critical chance increased 25% to Leader Card
Party Bonus
New World Soa thumb.png SoSW thumb.png
AP +3000, Critical chance +30% to corresponding devil
Fairy Tale World Soa thumb.png SoSW thumb.png SoR thumb.png SoG thumb.png SoLM thumb.png SoC thumb.png
AP +6%, DP +600, HP +6% recovered to entire party
Fixed Options
AP increased 1250, HP increased 2100
AP increased 8%, critical chance increased 10%
AP increased 20%, DP increased 440
Alice's Memory.png Alice's Memory [0]
Critical chance increased 12%
Set Effect: AP increased 5%, DP increased 600
Set: Snow White's Memory [0]