Ow Evil Soldier Sniper

Evil Soldier Sniper

"Breathe out. When half of your breath remains, hold your breath, and then bang!"
Obtained From: Arena Season 19

The soldier from the 9th legion who has an excellent eyesight and instant high concentration ability. She uses a rifle infused with demonic power, so its power is maximized. Its power is about the same as a cannon. According to what rumors says, those who were shot by her do not event notice the shots and live as normal until they die after 10 days

Fixed Options
HP +20%
Critical chace +10%
Magical Bullet Magical Bullet [1]
Critical damage +6%
+2 Critical damage +7%
+3 Critical damage +8%
+4 Critical damage +9%
+5 Critical damage +10%
Explosion Shot Explosion Shot
[6%] AP + DP + HP damage 15% to all enemies, critical chance +9% to party
Level 1 Level 40
3840 - 5600 13280 8910 - 14570 32390

Ow E.S. Clone Sniper

E.S. Clone Sniper

"You're already dead. My bullet will hit you before you come over here."
Obtained From: Not Obtainable

A clone of Evil Soldier Sniper created by Louis. Its appearance and ability are identical to the original, but it has a strong urge to protect the laboratory. It is quite a formidable opponent having to face it as an enemy now and not just as a prize at Arena. Do not give it the time to use its scope.

Fixed Options
HP +20%
Critical chace +10%

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