Ow Evil Soldier Elbow

Evil Soldier Elbow

"I'm sorry, but my specialty is not a low kick."
Obtained From: Arena Season 13

A soldier from the 7th legion who is skilled at Muay Thai. Her specialty is elbow attacks using a pair of blade-type tonfas. With her and Knee is the same legion together, their attacking power is not to be trivialized, even by evil generals.

Party Bonus
Bitterness of a Fighter Evil Soldier Knee thumb Evil Soldier Elbow thumb
AP +1500, skill activation chance +3% to corresponding cards
Fixed Options
AP +1250
Opponent's normal attack damage -20%
Darkness-tinged Tonfa Darkness-tinged Tonfa [1]
Critical chance +5%
+2 Critical chance +6%
+3 Critical chance +7%
+4 Critical chance +8%
+5 Critical chance +9%
The Worst Elbow Ever The Worst Elbow Ever
[6%] DP damage 150% to 1 opponent, additional damage same as opponent's AP
Level 1 Level 40
3865 - 5020 12750 8935 - 13990 31860

Ow E.S. Clone Elbow

E.S. Clone Elbow

"Just because my name is Elbow doesn't mean I don't use my legs."
Obtained From: Not Obtainable

A clone of Evil Soldier Elbow created by Louis. Its appearance and ability are identical to the original, but it has a strong urge to protect the laboratory. It is quite a formidable opponent having to face it as an enemy now and not just as a prize at Arena. The blade-like club it uses as a weapon looks very fearsome.

Fixed Options
AP +1250
Opponent's normal attack damage -20%

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