Evil General Sprinter

Uw.png Evil General Sprinter
Evil General Sprinter.png
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"This is the point. Any problem?"
Obtained From: Arena Season 4 Ranking

As a commander from the 7th legion, unlike other devils who kept resisting during the Devil War, she surrendered herself. After her surrender, she was very cooperative with the government, so she was branded a traitor. When she was chosen as the prize for the Arena, she picked her own costume.

Leader Bonus
Unique.png HP -7000 to 1 opponent
Fixed Options
HP +13%, skill activation +5%
Critical chance +8%, critical damage +22%
Solid Wooden Sword.png Solid Wooden Sword [2]
AP +1500
+2 AP +1600
+3 AP +1700
+4 AP +1800
+5 AP +1900
World Tour Kick.png World Tour Kick
[6%] AP damage 60% to all opponents, ignore DP
Level 1 Level 40
Unique.png 4215 - 10300 18730 10845 - 23170 44860

Uw.png E.G. Clone Sprinter
E.G. Clone Sprinter.png
"How's this outfit? I chose it myself."
Obtained From: Not Obtainable

A clone of Evil General Sprinter created by Louis. Its appearance and ability are identical to the original, but it has a strong urge to protect the laboratory. It is quite a formidable opponent having to face it as an enemy now and not just as a prize at the Arena. Its ability to accelerate at a stunning pace is a weapon by itself.

Fixed Options
HP +13%, skill activation +5%
Critical chance +8%, critical damage +22%
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