The ct TemplateEdit

{{ct|Card Name}} :

Behemoth thumb Cronus thumb Chimera thumb

{{ct|Card Name||x}} :

Evil Soldier Lens thumb Evil Soldier Mirror thumb Evil Soldier Spear thumb

The templates above will only work for UNIQUE cards only.
For cards with different rarities, you must use the following:

{{ct|Card Name|C, U or R}}
{{ct|Card Name|C, U or R|x}}

Vlad TepesC thumb Vlad TepesU thumb Vlad TepesR thumb
BathoryC thumb BathoryU thumb BathoryR thumb

And at last we have the Special Cards such as Ingredients and EXP, Points and Silver cards.
For those, we need to use the following:

{{ct|Card Name|3, 4, 5, 6 or 7}}
{{ct|Card Name|3, 4, 5, 6 or 7|x}}

Otherworldly Ingr.3 thumb Otherworldly Ingr.4 thumb Otherworldly Ingr.5 thumb Otherworldly Ingr.6 thumb Otherworldly Ingr.7 thumb
Special EXP Card3 thumb Special EXP Card4 thumb Special EXP Card5 thumb Special EXP Card6 thumb

NOTE: The ct template will only work if the card's thumbnail(s) has been uploaded with the following names: <Card Name><C, U or R>_thumb.jpg or <Card Name>_thumb.jpg.


NugR thumb.jpg = NugR thumb

Marid thumb.jpg = Marid thumb

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