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The battle already began before we could find more help. We can't waste anymore time looking for companions. I had to move on with Yuki and head to S1


Yuki: "Like I checked yesterday. I don't sense any devils around."

You: "I hope it goes as planned."

-Devil Encounter-

You: "Surely there aren't many devils here, but is this the right way to the core?"

Yuki: "Definitely. I know S1 is vast, but devils can sense the location of the core.

You: "I have to train myself to be strong. Otherwise, I might pass out"

-Powerful Devil Encounter-

You: "Are we near the core yet?"

Yuki: "It should be just around that area."

You: "I thought so...I feel like I've been here before."

Yuki: "Did you...get your memory back?"

You: "No. But it seems very familiar. Let's get going."

Yuki: "Wait , I sense a powerful devil ahead. And it's..."

Yuki: "Talos?"

You: "Talos? Could it be Hikari?"

-Contractor runs-

Yuki: "Wait for me, Contractor"

Talos: "Arrrrgh, Talos is strong"

Leviathan: "Not as strong as I am. Just come back to the abyss when I ask nicely."

Talos: "Hi...ka...ri."

You: "Leviathan!!"

Leviathan: "Finally Contractor. I'll finish you today."

You: "Where's Hikari?"

Leviathan: "I've got her right here."

Hikari: "..."

You: "Hikari!"

Leviathan: "Don't sweat it. She's unconscious. And don't do anything stupid. Unless you want her to get hurt."

You: "What?"

Leviathan: "Someone would like to meet you. He's coming now. Till then, stay put. I kept this woman for insurance."

Yuki: "Contractor, I think we made a mistake. That devil must be waiting for Orochi."

Yuki: "I thought Orochi would be fighting in the battle. It's a huge mistake."

You: "Even so...I can't leave Hikari here."

Yuki: "Even if that means you're risking your own life?"

Yuki: "If Orochi gets here, we won't even be able to run. Try to think rationally."

You: "I don't know, but I can't go back like this."

You: "Besides , I think Hikari was trying to destroy the core by herself. I can't leave her after what she did. I'm sorry, Yuki."

Yuki: "You only say my name in situations like this. I don't know. We'll just have to wait like the devil says."

Yuki: "So, stay behind me, okay?"

You: "Thanks. Just asking...Do you have any idea to save ourselves?"

Yuki: "I'm sorry, but I can't think of any way to get us out of this horrible situation."

Yuki: "If you have to ask, our only chance would be to summon the one. But I don't even know how to do that."

You: "Maybe I should have pushed myself harder to get my memory back...Damn it."

Leviathan: "At last, here comes Orochi. With a handful of desperation for you, hahaha."

Scenario Clear.

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